About Us

Having worked within privately owned salons as well as corporations, we have seen the inner workings and developed a knowledge of the industry. Witnessing clients leave unsatisfied in those days, made us realize the morals had been deteriorated. There was nothing we could do in those specific circumstances. But there must be a way to ease the ache. We then knew we had to take action!

A family friend presented an opportunity to Stephanie. A barbershop was closing in Winthrop Harbor. It had a great location and was the perfect size for a starter shop. After much consideration and research, she thought, this could happen. Stephanie said to Christina out of the blue, “Get in my car. Let’s go for a ride”. While Stephanie drove, she asked Christina, “How would you feel about opening our own shop?” She stopped in front of an empty store front that shared a door with a bears fan. “What do you think?” she asked Christina. “Ummmm, I don’t really know.” This opportunity had seemed somewhat unreal. “We either do it or we don’t,” Stephanie stated…..Christina’s delayed response, “I guess we are doing this then…!”

With a bit of help and extra strength elbow grease, a few weeks of twenty hour days that little shop turned into your small-town, neighborhood haircut headquarters! Harbor Headlines opened in March of 2012. Treating others how we want to be treated is our golden rule, and to be known for that is the greatest thing in the world  We have always been people-pleasers, believing it is much better to make someone smile than frown. You deserve a great big smile!

Every day we are developing and changing to evolve into the best we can be. Harbor Headlines went from a two chaired room to a local ingredient of Winthrop Harbor. Friends gather here. It is an honor to be a part of this community. We couldn’t have chosen a better location, or people to interact with. We have grown so much from all of you, we just ask you continue to grow with us.

Children with Special Needs

Stephanie and Christina are experienced and familiar with children who have special needs. Young children are sometimes difficult and the staff at Harbor Headlines understands this. They work with your loved one to get the best results. Harbor Headlines offers the option for your child to play in the lobby with cars and books and time to become comfortable with their surroundings. They explain the haircutting process in a friendly manner. At the end of each haircut, the children are rewarded with a prize from the Treasure Chest! Each haircut also comes with a guarantee. Don’t forget, we also have “First Haircut Certificates”!


After working in the barber/cos industry for ten years, I get to be one of the lucky people to wake up in the morning and be excited to go to work! I love my job and everyone involved with it. Yes, it involves determination, drive and personal sacrifices, but I know it will be more than worth it as time passes. There have been other jobs prior to developing Harbor Headlines that helped prime me for these hurdles, including being employed for other small businesses, as well as working a management position in a large corporation.

In developing Harbor Headlines with Christina, she is a major attribute in my life, a good friend and a business associate. Christina and I have been friends for so long she is part of my family.

I feel I’m a wonderful mother of an amazing five year old son, I am always busy! From gardening in the summer, to taking care of my English Mastiff (I’m an animal lover) and being the best frugal fixer-upper of Anything, I pride myself in all aspects of life. Caring about the Earth, I helped care for the Monarch population this summer. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without my loving parents.


Having a tenacious love for style, barber/cos was my only outlet. From the very first day I loved it! I have always been the creative type. My love for self-expression ranges from poetry to the color of my hair, making jewelry and painting. To me, hair is my canvas of choice. I love art, music, books, nature and animals including my puppy Roo. I would enjoy living in the county on a bunch of land with my very own art studio and start an animal sanctuary.

My sister Alyssa, who has developmental disabilities, also shares a love of animals. I owe part of my animal sanctuary dream to her and her love of horses. Witnessing her undoubting interaction with these gentle giants, Alyssa has shown me love is language-less between souls. I would love to do my part in saving animals as well as become a humanitarian for people with disabilities everywhere. My mom, being a special education teacher, my grandmother and best friend who I want to give a great big shout out to, and Magnus, for my love of nature: thank you all for influencing me.

Considering this is a work bio, I should write about work. So here goes. Without Stephanie here beside me, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am today. She has always opened my eyes when I couldn’t see. Cheers, to many more years!

The thing I love best about being a hairstylist is the ability to build relationships with customers. I’m a people person. Having the gift of gab and communication, it is hardly a chore to be at work. I love to hear all the different, amazing things people have to say. And the best part? We learn from each other, and share with one another! I feel as though Harbor Headlines is the first place I could ever develop significant connections. am just so grateful for you all!